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Take charge of your documents. Provide and use accurate information.

Imagine if you were to have 20 document templates used by 34.000 employees in 6 divisions worldwide. How will you manage this? Mission impossible? With iWRITER we help you succeed!

The right information for even better output.

Do you want to ensure the right information will be used by the right individuals and teams? The quality assurance department demands a variety of templates and the CFO wants to create quick annual reports? No problem! iWRITER solves your template management issues.

• Easy to manage templates including versions, roles, rights and authentication.

• Governing metadata and –descriptions in line with company-wide standards becomes really simple.

• Your colleagues will find their templates and information very quickly. Create and send documents in no time.

Manage templates from one central hub. It’s that simple.

You can make sure that users have ideally relevant documents and data that are tailored to their individual interest. It is easier than it sounds and it dramatically increases productivity.

• Centrally manage user rights and roles and change settings of specific users.

• Any data or content stored on third-party platforms can be made available in iWRITER as long as your provider has a well described RESTful API.

• Single Sign On - Your colleagues can sign in with a Microsoft Office 365 account for Work or School via Azure Active Directory.

• Manage languages from one central point.

• Adding metadata has never been easier. It’s even possible to automate this process. The question and answer fields in the templates are linked to metadata. Finding the right document is now just one click away.

• All templates are available in one central hub in the cloud. Users always have the latest version.

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100% cloud-based with zero local installations.

We are dedicated to your success. Our app is self-explanatory. In case you need support you can always rely on our academy on our website and help-tools and manuals which can be found in our app. iWRITER 365 is build in close collaboration with Microsoft. Our solution is 100% cloud-based with zero local installations. No hassle for your IT department.

E-book: Adopting Office 365 in three steps

Do you want to implement Office 365? How can you convince everyone of the usefulness of Office 365? Which strategy do you use and how do you get the most out of the new digital workplace?
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It is easy to access, easy to use and very intuitive. The standards set for the documents by Marketing are guaranteed by iWRITER. Once iWRITER is in operation, no further effort is required.

Your Questions Answered

What is the advantage of centralized version control?

The advantage of centralized version control is that templates are managed from one place. If adjustments are made, they are immediately available to everyone. All new documents that are created from the moment of customization are based on the new version. In this way, everyone has the latest version of a template and the right information.

In many cases I send the same attachments with a document, such as the directions or the product conditions. Do you offer a solution for this?

Yes, we offer the option to link attachments to templates. For example, you can load directions or the product conditions into a document. This way you have frequently used attachments immediately at your disposal.

Is the number of users of iWRITER 365 always up-to-date?

Yes, our product has an integration with AzureAD. Thanks to this integration, real-time user information is available at all times.

When saving documents, can you arrange that the correct metadata of a document is stored in SharePoint?

Yes, iWRITER 365 can automatically enrich documents with metadata. Users do not have to fill in metadata, it is automatically saved in a SharePoint folder. In this way, information is always stored in the right place and is easy to find.

More Features

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Brand Identity Control
Consistent communication is a great goal to strive towards, but how do you achieve this? With our help you will be able to organize your external communication correctly and consistently. With iWRITER 365 you can create documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook in no time. With smart building blocks and images you can design unique templates that contain all the elements of the corporate identity. Everyone within the organization communicates in the same consistent way. Stay in control over corporate identity and achieve a consistent brand experience globally with the help of iWRITER 365.
PowerPoint iWRITER Office 365 template management
Does it take up lots of time for your colleagues to create and send out templates? Do you notice that there are a lot of careless mistakes in outgoing documents? You can save them from this inefficient and unprofessional way of working! With iWRITER 365 you create professional templates in a few clicks. Whether you want to place an order confirmation, quotation or an annual report, you create them quickly and error free. In this way, you facilitate a modern digital workplace that will create a more productive work environment.
Template Management Office iWRITER 365
Is the safety of document flow within your organization highly valued? Is it important that official documents are in line with company standards? iWRITER 365 offers help. Our app is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure, allowing everyone to safely store and send all documents 100%. Confidential information is secure and is only available to a select group of individuals. In addition, official documents can be digitally authorized with a digital signature or a personal certificate. Your organization thus fully complies with the GDPR legislation and compliance guidelines.
Meeting Templates Office iWRITER 365
Are you looking for a program that makes it easy to import contact information from your CRM system? Are you looking for template software that offers the same experience on all devices and in all browsers? Search no further! iWRITER 365 is the all-encompassing tool for your integration challenges. We link with your business apps, such as the CRM system and the ERP system, so that you can personalize documents. Whether you create a template in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. All your templates look perfect on all devices and browsers, online and offline.

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