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Brand Identity. Be in control.

Has it been really challenging to get your corporate identity rolled out properly across your entire organization? Do you operate in several countries and have you been thinking about how to best ensure brand consistency? We understand the challenges you are faced with! With iWRITER 365 you can overcome all these obstacles and achieve your goals.

Communicate a powerful brand.

Is each department using different Word documents and PowerPoint slides with wrong and outdated images, logos and icons? Do your employees copy and paste old texts into new documents? Does the inconsistency in logos, fonts, colors and icons frustrate you? We are here to help you communicate a clear and powerful brand. We offer you the ability to:

• Organize external communications by creating documents, press releases and presentations with smart text blocks and visuals.

• Have immediate and easy access to images, logos and product data from one central point. Wherever you are.

• Control thousands of documents and presentations using the most current brand standards.

Your way to on-brand documents

Getting started is easy and quick. Do you have an Office 365 account? Do not wait any longer and design, use, share and manage templates for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook in no time at all.

• Ease of use – our app makes it radically easy to design unique-looking templates that match your brand. You have building blocks available with interactive forms and fields. Without any code.

• Customization – create documents with the help of question and answer fields. You will never miss any data. We include all aspects of your template with exact fonts and colors to match your brand. It is even possible to use multiple languages.

• Brand compliancy – Use and manage images and logo galleries for PowerPoint. Save and share slides right where you are.

• Make your templates look perfect on every device – our app offers the same experience for all devices, whether you’re a desktop or mobile user.

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Brand Identity

Automating your corporate style has never been easier.

With iWRITER 365 you are in control of your corporate identity and you will be able to achieve a consistent brand experience worldwide. Organize your external communications from just one central point. With iWRITER you can design, use, share and manage presentations, documents and e-mail signatures in no time. You are in control!

E-book: How do you build a strong corporate brand?

The consistent, consequential and constant implementation of your corporate brand is the key to success. How do you control your corporate identity on a global scale?
Roel Durlinger

iWRITER 365 is an excellent product, it’s accessible and well-organized. It helps to profile the visual identity and allows you to establish multiple corporate identities very easily. It could easily be used for all six divisions and other subsidiaries

Your Questions Answered

In what way does iWRITER 365 help to safeguard our corporate identity?

iWRITER 365 allows you to stipulate standard corporate identity elements. Elements such as logos, fonts, colors and icons are defined in the templates and cannot be changed. All documents that employees make are therefore always in line with the corporate identity. Safeguarding the corporate identity results in consistent communication.

What are the benefits of centralizing the email signature?

Centralizing the email signature means that the signature is sent from one central point for the entire organization. This allows you to implement an email signature for all employees without having to take action. You can even make a separate signature for each division, department or function in the local language. The result is personal and consistent communication.

Our organization consists of several entities. Can I switch between entities in iWRITER 365?

Yes, in iWRITER 365 you can easily switch between entities. The corporate identity and other entity dependent information changes immediately if you change from one entity to the next. Information such as the logo, address details, bank details and Chamber of Commerce data pertaining to each entity are recorded in iWRITER 365. With one click, employees switch to another entity and send documents from that entity.

In what languages is iWRITER 365 available?

iWRITER 365 is available in every language. Regional settings such as date notation, currency signs and time zones are also part of our language settings. If a user switches to another language, regional-dependent data also changes, such as the bank details, the Chamber of Commerce information, the location address and the quality logos.

More Features

Create Smart Templates
Template Management
Document Compliance
Data integration
PowerPoint iWRITER Office 365 template management
Does it take up lots of time for your colleagues to create and send out templates? Do you notice that there are a lot of careless mistakes in outgoing documents? You can save them from this inefficient and unprofessional way of working! With iWRITER 365 you create professional templates in a few clicks. Whether you want to place an order confirmation, quotation or an annual report, you create them quickly and error free. In this way, you facilitate a modern digital workplace that will create a more productive work environment.
Template Management
Does everyone in your organization have access to the latest version of a document? Do your colleagues only have access to the templates relevant to them? With iWRITER 365, they do! All templates are available from one central location in the cloud. This means that your colleagues always have the most recent version of a document. You also manage user rights, user interfaces and language options centrally. The big advantage of this is that colleagues only have access to relevant documents. Avoid problems with customers due to incorrect and outdated information and have only the right information!
Template Management Office iWRITER 365
Is the safety of document flow within your organization highly valued? Is it important that official documents are in line with company standards? iWRITER 365 offers help. Our app is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure, allowing everyone to safely store and send all documents 100%. Confidential information is secure and is only available to a select group of individuals. In addition, official documents can be digitally authorized with a digital signature or a personal certificate. Your organization thus fully complies with the GDPR legislation and compliance guidelines.
Meeting Templates Office iWRITER 365
Are you looking for a program that makes it easy to import contact information from your CRM system? Are you looking for template software that offers the same experience on all devices and in all browsers? Search no further! iWRITER 365 is the all-encompassing tool for your integration challenges. We link with your business apps, such as the CRM system and the ERP system, so that you can personalize documents. Whether you create a template in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. All your templates look perfect on all devices and browsers, online and offline.

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