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Has it been really challenging to get your corporate identity rolled out properly across your entire organization? Or do you think it’s difficult and time-consuming creating and distributing professionally designed templates for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook? Not with iWRITER 365!

Brand Identity. You are in control.

Do you operate in several countries and have you been thinking about how to best ensure brand consistency? We understand your challenges!

With iWRITER you achieve consistency in all communication activities. Organize external communications by document creation and template management. Create a Word document with a few clicks and design a PowerPoint presentation in no time with smart text blocks and visuals. You have immediate and easy access to images, logos and product data, wherever you are. Automating your brand identity has never been easier.

Create smart templates. Be more productive.

Do you think it’s difficult and time-consuming creating, using, sharing and managing professionally designed templates for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook? Not with iWRITER!

Create smart templates with a few clicks and send them easily. Whether you want to design order confirmations, quotations or annual reports. You can manage all templates and share them with divisions worldwide. You create a more productive work environment and a rich employee experience within and beyond the browser. Especially if you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, iWRITER helps your coworkers to embrace your digital workplace.

Take charge of your documents. Provide and use accurate information.

Are you responsible for managing rights, authentication and document versions? Have you lost overview on the right information? Take charge of your documents with iWRITER!

Our solution offers the possibility to centrally manage and grant rights. Only the relevant templates are available for a function or department. Apply metadata and meta descriptions and staying in line with company-wide standards becomes really simple. Your coworkers will be able to find their templates and information very quickly and always have the latest version.

Send and approve documents in a 100% secure way. Be compliant.

Do you often create official documents, such as contracts and certificates, in line with corporate standards? Do you work for a company that issues quality marks and diplomas? With iWRITER you can add digital signatures and stamps. Important documents are a 100% safe.

iWRITER gives you everything you need when it comes to document compliancy. Since iWRITER runs on Microsoft Azure and integrates with Office 365 we meet GDPR regulations (for EU companies). Our solution is 100% cloud-based with zero local installations which means no hassle for your IT department.

Add personal data & content. A more natural, personal approach to templates.

Data is the fuel for personalized communication & content. Using data from your CRM system makes your message more personal. A Word newsletter combined with customer data from your CRM, or a product template in Excel combined with product data from your ERP system.

With iWRITER we give you the key to personalized content. We connect with your business apps, ERP system and CRM system so you can easily get all that data into iWRITER. Whether you use Salesforce, Dynamics CRM or Zendesk: we always meet your integration needs.

E-book: How do you build a strong corporate brand?

The consistent, consequential and constant implementation of your corporate brand is the key to success. How do you control your corporate identity on a global scale?

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