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Work more productively in Office 365 using Artificial Intelligence

In the transition from the digital workplace to the modern workplace, more attention is being paid to safety and productivity. New techniques are becoming more intuitive and designed to guide the user. In the modern workplace, the influences of Artificial Intelligence are becoming increasingly clear to the user.
Eelco Bastiaans

Artificial Intelligence applied to Office 365 means that the user receives explanation and guidance in the application itself. All information that has to do with the product is woven into the product itself. If you are working in the application, you will receive information support. This can be given by means of an introduction, suggestion, a tip or a video. The most used Office 365 programs are Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Artificial Intelligence in these programs is becomes apparent as your personal assistant and advisor. Below, I describe a number of practical examples of what this will look like when working in Office.

Microsoft Outlook will become your new assistant

Outlook proactively supports you in the tasks you perform and the objectives you want to achieve. In Outlook you have collected data in the past, such as meetings, frequently used functionalities and mail traffic. Self-learning systems support you on the basis of the collected data in the optimal use of Outlook. For example, Outlook will introduce activities of its own. Activities are based on previous actions, such as meetings that are on your agenda and the way you work together. Outlook will also determine (as well as e-mails now) which meetings have priority and which do not.

For example, if a colleague invites you to an hour-long meeting, Outlook suggests using data from the past to make the meeting last 45 minutes. Or if you are invited to an appointment and that moment is not convenient, Outlook suggests a different date on which all participants are available. Based on information from the past, Outlook is now able to plan more effective meetings. Outlook also helps you to send files more effectively and securely. When you add an attachment to an email, Outlook indicates that the safer option is to send the file using OneDrive.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint become your new advisors

Artificial Intelligence will also be playing a bigger role in Word from now on. For example, Word provides advice on gender neutrality with the help of data. Words such as ‘policeman’ and ‘stewardess’ are not gender neutral. Word will propose to use the gender-neutral words ‘police officer’ and ‘flight attendant’ instead.

Based on behavior, you receive push messages with advice in Word. If Word detects a pattern in document creation, the program itself proposes to use a template. Word can be linked to template management software like iWRITER and retrieves data from CRM systems. In addition, Word will recognize that you often communicate with a specific selection of customers and will propose to automatically load contact information into the document.

Artificial Intelligence also applies to PowerPoint. When a user creates slides, PowerPoint suggests different designs. A user can choose from a number of examples with images or text. Artificial Intelligence also helps you in Excel. Some graphs or diagrams that you are using in Excel may be illustrated more clearly if a different form is used. For example, Excel suggests using a pie chart instead of a bar chart.

More information?

Artificial Intelligence promotes productivity and safety and will continue to be developed further in the coming years. The examples show that the Office 365 user can benefit greatly from this. Would you like to read more about the influences of Artificial Intelligence on Office 365 and the change from the digital workplace to modern working life? Download the whitepaper "From digital workplace to a modern worklife".

From digital workplace to modern worklife

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