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Why template management is indispensable when rebranding your brand.

You want the corporate identity of your organization to be implemented consistently and constantly everywhere. Certainly during a rebranding. The documents that your colleagues send look unprofessional. On the left a vacancy with an old logo, on the right a sales presentation in which outdated images are used. And is the finance department using the wrong email signature? Does nobody actually stick to the corporate identity and the latest template versions ?!
Simone Heinen

Everyone in your organization makes these documents and presentations with the best intentions, but the corporate identity is not high on everyone's priority list. A great annoyance to you and your marketing colleagues. And now that your brand is going to be rebranded, you want everyone to use the right corporate identity elements from now on. But how do you aim to do that?

Rebranding is the perfect moment to start with template management

During a rebranding you are fully occupied with new logos, fonts and other corporate identity elements. Together with professionals who specialize in this. Of course this will cost you a lot of time, because rebranding must be done carefully and well. The biggest challenge is presented when implementing the new brand. How do you ensure that everyone uses the right corporate identity elements and – even more importantly - continues to use them?

Your organization most likely already makes use of templates. For example a standard letter, a PowerPoint presentation or an email signature. But can you also find it all in one place? And are these templates also updated when things like content change, such as location addresses? And how do you ensure that everyone uses the right templates? In short, rolling out the corporate identity in your organization is perhaps a bit more complex than initially thought.

Fortunately, you can tackle all these problems with a template management tool. It gives you one central place where all your templates are located and where you manage and design the templates. Do you want to add a new template or change an old template? No problem! Once the template is finished, everyone can use it immediately. Another advantage of template management tooling: you can assign authorizations to the templates, so that you only see the templates that are relevant to you. Sales does not see the employment contracts and HR does not see the sales presentations. Nice and clear that way.

Which point in the rebranding process involves template management?

Back to your rebranding. As you know, you start with the corporate identity elements that will change. The logos, letter designs, but perhaps also a new name or tagline. When you have all elements designed and collected, it is time for a corporate identity handbook. Here you collect all information about the use of color, logos, but also the differences between the divisions. When the corporate identity manual is complete, it is time for the next step: creating the templates. You create the templates directly in Word or PowerPoint with a template management tool, without having to make use of a complicated program. You will have mastered designing in a jiffy.Definitions of Waar in het rebrandingproces komt template management kijken? Terug naar je rebranding. Je begint immers met de huisstijlelementen die veranderen. De logo’s, briefontwerpen, maar wellicht ook een nieuwe naam of tagline. Als je alle elementen hebt laten ontwerpen en hebt verzameld, is het tijd voor een huisstijlhandboek. Hierin verzamel je alle informatie over kleurgebruik, logo’s, maar ook de verschillen tussen de divisies. Als het huisstijlhandboek compleet is, is het tijd voor de volgende stap: de templates maken. De templates maak je direct in Word of PowerPoint met een template management tool, zonder een moeilijk programma. Je hebt het ontwerpen dus zo onder de knie.

Template management ensures consistent implementation of your corporate identity

Even without a template management tool you will most likely get started with new templates. Only the danger of these types of templates is that they are neatly used once only, and then an already existing document is used instead of the template. Because… well, isn't that easier? This way your carefully conceived rebranding slowly fades into oblivion. Therefore choose to create templates centrally and then share them with everyone.

With template management tooling, not only is managing and designing templates easier, it is also easier to use templates. A major advantage of template management is the integration of the correct data, logos and other elements that can differ per document. For example, consider local location addresses: the correct address is automatically added to your document for each location. Template management saves you a lot of time and prevents errors and carelessness.

Fire enthusiasm in your organization

Are all templates ready for use? Then it's time to announce the new corporate identity internally. Inform everyone within the organization about the rebranding and that all templates have been replaced. In addition, this is a good time to introduce template management to users. Show the ease of quickly selecting a template, easily integrating data and most of all: never again wondering if the logo is positioned correctly.

After this introduction, you communicate the rebranding to the outside world and it is time to start working consistently yourself. Along with your marketing colleagues you are not only the initiator, but you also have an exemplary role. If you use the new templates and share this enthusiasm internally, you will see that everyone uses the templates and the template management tool in no time. The result: documents and presentations that look great - and stay that way, over the years. That is the advantage of template management for your branding, whereby all corporate identity changes are implemented automatically. So what are you waiting for? Request a demo.

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