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What is your Office 365 application strategy?

The Office 365 package offers a wide range of possibilities. These consist of products that we use frequently such as Outlook, Word and SharePoint. But less well-known products like Planner, MyAnalytics, Stream and TO-DO also include the package. The main message when choosing the applications is: only facilitate the applications that are relevant to your organization. An abundance of applications doesn’t result in more productivity. First map out the wishes and needs within the organization and facilitate a high-quality digital workplace.
Esther van Wijngaarden

How do you determine the preferences and requirements in the organization?

One of the tools that can be used to support the wishes and needs of the different layers in an organization with available Office 365 applications, is the TARGET GROUPS PYRAMID. This pyramid is made up of three layers: the individual, the team and the organization. Your starting point is the use case, in which you described earlier how employees want to work together. Examples are smarter meetings, collaboration on documents or agile working on a project. Based on the information gathered in the use cases, you can determine which Office 365 applications suit the different target groups.


The first layer of the pyramid consists of the individual employees. In this layer you offer the applications which help individuals to work more efficiently. For example, OneDrive is valuable for every employee, because documents are always accessible and can easily be shared via a link. Furthermore, apps such as Tasks and To-Do are mainly aimed at increasing personal productivity by creating and maintaining activities and task lists. With Delve you will be assisted in finding the information relevant to you.

Layer 2 | TEAM

The second layer of the pyramid consists of the applications that are useful to apply to any project, within a team or a department. Here you can choose from applications such as SharePoint and Teams, with which you can collaborate in the way you want. The choice is enormous and depends on various factors. Consider, for example, the way in which you want to communicate with each other and whether external parties are involved or only internal employees. And consider whether collaboration mainly takes place around documents or whether this is broader.


The third layer of the pyramid consists of applications with which you share news, knowledge and information with the entire organization. Organizations often use an intranet based on SharePoint, and use Yammer to share knowledge beyond the organizational boundaries. There is also the option to integrate external applications, such as iWRITER 365, a tool with which templates can easily be created and managed. This means that the entire organization communicates in the same corporate style. iWRITER 365 seamlessly connects with Microsoft Office and Teams.

In addition, try to ensure that the applications you choose can be optimally integrated with each other. On the intranet you can for example refer or link to Teams or SharePoint. It then becomes easy to change from one application to the other. The goal being that the digital workspace is one entity and does not consist of all different kinds of applications.

Would you like to know more?

The target groups pyramid is part of the successful renewal of the digital workplace. Are you wondering how you will achieve full adoption of Office 365? Do you want employees to embrace the new way of working? Read it in the whitepaper ‘Adopting Office 365 in three steps’.

Whitepaper: Adopting Office 365 in three steps

Do you want to implement Office 365? How can you convince everyone of the usefulness of Office 365? Which strategy do you use and how do you get the most out of the new digital workplace?

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