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Using Templates in Excel

Excel by Microsoft is the most popular calculation program for administrative purposes. The program is user-friendly, but at the same time offers extensive functionalities for virtually all conceivable calculations with figures. However, it can be time-consuming to create a calculation scheme in Excel, not to mention getting the layout right. Fortunately, there are many free Excel templates that are ready for immediate use to get you started. But how does it work? And how can you create your own templates?
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Using Existing Excel Templates

Do you need invoices, schedules, calendars or a budget overview? When working with Excel templates, you can download all these examples into Excel from Office.com for free. To make use of this option, go to File> New> Office.com. An example of the requested template can be viewed by simply selecting a template from one of the folders or by using the search option.

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Whether you have only just started using Excel or you are an experienced user, it is easy to simplify your work by applying these Excel templates. With the help of the templates you can make use of complex formulas, various layout styles and other Excel options without actually having to know how it’s done.

Making your own Excel template

When you have found your way in Excel or if you need an Excel spreadsheet that suits your personal needs, you may prefer to create your own templates. Saving a spreadsheet as a template is really easy:

  1. In Excel 2010 and 2013, click File> Save As. In Excel 2007, click the Office button and then click Save as.
  2. In the Save As window after File Name, type the desired name for your template so that you can easily find it again.
  3. Under File Name, after Save As, choose the extension * xltx (Excel template) and click Save to save the file as a template.

Once you have followed these steps, to open a new spreadsheet, you can then click on My Templates. In this list your customized Excel templates will appear. Those who regularly use this option will soon discover that although templates save time, creating the templates can also cost a lot of time and energy.

Creating Professional Excel Templates

Do you make intensive use of Excel or do you just want to get a bit more out of your templates? With the iWRITER plug-in you can easily and quickly build Excel templates in the correct corporate identity format. Because the Excel templates can be centrally managed, you can easily modify the templates and implement these changes directly throughout the organization so that all employees always have the latest version. In this way, you ensure that your organization will enjoy guaranteed quality and consistency when using Excel.

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