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Standardizing or Personalizing?

In the current working environment professional customer communication is more important than ever. One of the much-discussed topics is the balance between standardizing and personalizing text. A standard letter ensures that the right information is always transferred, while a personal letter ensures that the customer feels personally addressed. Making sure there is correct content and treating the client as an individual at the same time, is important. But when can you best use which method, or can they also be combined?


Standardization is a commonly used method for a large number of companies. At the moment that several hundred letters or emails have to be sent per day, it is virtually impossible to write a separate text for each client. In general, that is not such a bad thing: the content of the text often remains the same anyway, leaving you confident you have not forgotten to mention anything.

In addition, in this way you ensure that your corporate identity is correct which gives assurance that you always use the same style for a letter. You can also prevent errors such as a typing error in your contact details or forgetting your (email) signature.

The standardization is therefore especially suitable for:

  • High volumes
  • Texts with the same content
  • Preventing errors
  • Guarantee of corporate identity


The personalization of correspondence or contact is something that has been done for centuries. Logical, because in the past, every manner of contact was handwritten - or perhaps chiselled in stone. Nowadays you recognize personalization by the language used and reference to the specific situation of the customer. Something that is much more difficult to achieve with standardization.

In general it is of course unnecessary to personalize the complete text of a letter. Usually it is sufficient to just adjust some things that give customers the idea that they are given the personal touch. This is often enough to have a big effect.

The personalization is therefore especially suitable for:

  • Low volumes
  • Personal content
  • A positive feeling among customers

Personalizing standardization

With today's technology it is becoming easier and easier to combine these two styles however. With an option like iWRITER you can easily and quickly make your standard text feel more personal. For example, not everyone is more regularly approached as 'Dear Mr Smith, but in an informal letter the salutation can be adjusted to 'Dear Robert with a single click.

It is also possible to formulate a standard text in different ways in advance. With the software, which works on the basis of templates and text blocks, it is then very easy to choose one of the options. In this way, a standard letter can be made slightly more personal with just a few mouse clicks.

This combination is therefore particularly suitable for:

  • Medium volumes
  • Personal content
  • A positive feeling among customers¬†
  • Preventing errors
  • Guarantee of corporate identity

More information

If you want to know more about this solution in order to maintain contact with your customers efficiently, look on the website what a document creation solution like iWRITER can do for you. Your customers will thank you!

Estelle van Kemenade

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