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Sending an email has never been easier with email templates in Outlook

Did you know that by using an extension of iWRITER 365 you can create emails just as quickly and easily as documents in Word? This blog explains how it’s done.
Esther van Wijngaarden

Building blocks in Outlook

f you regularly create emails with similar content, such as order or appointment confirmations, you will want to use a template for that. With iWRITER 365 for Outlook you can easily insert building blocks, that you can design in iWRITER 365, into your e-mails by yourself. A building block consists of text that is formatted in a certain layout and can contain question/choice fields to personalize your text. You can insert these building blocks into both documents and emails.

When writing an email it is a matter of selecting the correct building block and inserting it. The wizard lets you supplement the text with specific data. You can type the data yourself or, when you have linked fields to, for example your Outlook contacts, the data will be filled in automatically.

Outlook template iWRITER 365

In short, with a few mouse clicks you will have prepared your email, using the corporate identity of your organization.

Signature in Outlook saves time

To conclude your email, you end with a signature - in Outlook this is called email signature. Instead of composing the signature in Outlook, you can also use iWRITER 365 for Outlook. You design this signature using the same method as for building blocks in iWRITER 365.

Benefits of an iWRITER 365 Signature

  • All signatures are in one central place - in the cloud. There is only one version of each signature in circulation. 
  • Because there is only one version of each signature, everyone automatically has the most current signature. This will make your communication uniform. 
  • You can use different types of signatures, such as your personal (informal) signature that you generally end your emailwith and a formal signature that you will want to use in certain situations. And maybe you do not always want to use your personal signature, but a more general signature such as one naming your department or team. That too is possible. 
  • Changes to the signature are not only quickly implemented, the availability of that signature to people in your organization or to specific groups, is allocated with the push of a button. So if you have certain actions or events that you want to bring to their attention, you can add them to the (temporary) signature. 


With iWRITER 365 for Outlook you can set two default signatures: one for new emails and one for answers and forwarded messages. With iWRITER, it is further possible to select more signatures from a list of available signatures.

Outlook signature iWRITER 365

More information on email templates?

Would you like to know more about email templates or the digital signature in Outlook? Please contact us or request a free demo.

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