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How to create your own professional Word templates

Do you sometimes use templates in Word? Or are you curious as to how to use Word templates to optimize the productivity and quality of your work? In this blog you can read how it’s done!

Word document almost ready for use

Word templates are in actual fact Word documents that are almost ready. The standardized information such as standard texts, fonts, logos and other corporate identity characteristics are then already included in the document. Sometimes that is enough, as with an automatic standard response. In the other cases, your 'personal touch' is the only thing that the document needs. This can vary from customizing personal data and the date to a personal message or quotation, for example with a quotation template. When creating Word templates it is therefore important that you think carefully about which texts you want to standardize or personalize

When do you apply Word templates?

The applicability of Word templates is versatile. You can create a standardized format for almost every document. There is virtually no document in your organization without corporate identity features and many documents contain multiple used texts that you can almost dream of. In addition, standardized elements contribute to the quality and effectiveness of communication. Examples of templates are: 

  • General letter template 
  • Report template 
  • Contract template
  • Quotation template
  • Invoice template
  • Order confirmation template
  • Minutes template
  • Etc ...

Making efficient Word templates

In general, Word templates can therefore be made for all kinds of documents, provided they are used more often than once within the organization. By applying a smart tool like iWRITER that uses simple input fields, you can make the creation of both a Word template and a Word document based on this template very easy. By using building blocks with automatic entry fields, signatures and route description (s) you create your documents in an instant ;) 

Wouter Reintjes

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