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How the digital signature contributes towards your business objectives

Imagine: you are working on location for your customer. At the end of the day you want to finish things up neatly with the customer. You prepare an official letter and send it to the head office for signature. At head office, the secretary prints it out, the owner signs it and the secretary scans it again and then sends it back to you. This is your business process for one scribble. Can this be optimized? Yes! How? With the digital signature!
Esther van Wijngaarden

Printing, drawing and scanning is a thing of the past with the digital signature

In too many organizations, getting a letter signed is a cumbersome process. The use of the digital signature solves this. The digital signature is a method which confirms the accuracy of digital information in a manner similar to that of a handwritten signature. The digital signature is as legally binding as the handwritten signature. It is a means of authentication.

You will want to switch to the digital signature for the following 6 reasons:

1. Optimize business processes

The digital signature helps with the automation and digitization of documents. You can immediately enter into agreements and quickly approve official documents. You sign documents directly on a single device, so you can complete it immediately. You don't have to come back to it later and you can immediately continue with other work.

2. Professionalize documentation

Printing, signing and scanning documents is not the most efficient way to send documents. In fact, it is about the same amount of work as sending traditional letter mail. In the digital era you cannot fall behind in this area either. Not at all if other organizations in your sector already apply this method of working. The digital signature ensures standard and professional documents across all departments and divisions through standard formatting.

3. Save time

You only have to create and set your digital signature once. This is linked to your account via Azure AD. When signing a document, add your digital signature with one simple click. You always insert your saved signature when signing documents. It is a user-friendly, simple and fast way to conclude agreements, to approve documents digitally and to send them digitally.

4. Guarantee safety

The digital signature is stored in the cloud via Azure AD. The signature is not stored locally, so it cannot be misused in any way. In addition, it is an identity check that guarantees safety for both parties. Loose pieces of paper are a thing of the past. By digitally archiving official documents, you can securely store important contracts and they are immediately accessible.

5. Facilitate the mobile workplace

Whether you are working at a customer’s office, at your own or externally, you can use the digital signature at any location and on any device. You can sign documents and send them digitally from any location. You have the option to insert your signature online and offline.

6. Ensure sustainability

More and more organizations are in favor of the paperless office and are demanding the same from customers with regard to sustainability. This means that a customer will opt for you sooner if your organization also considers sustainability to be of paramount importance. Digital signing saves a lot of paper, is an environmentally conscious way of doing business and reduces the ecological footprint of your organization. To introduce the digital signature therefore creates a win-win situation!

Good examples are easy to follow: Alfa generates profit in a socially responsible manner

One of the largest accounting firms in the Netherlands, Alfa Accountants and Advisors, made the switch to the digital signature two years ago. This was their solution to the cumbersome process of printing, drawing and scanning. All employees now add their authentic signature to contracts and invoices with one simple click. It was important for Alfa to reduce its ecological footprint and be environmentally friendly at the same time. They achieved a paper reduction of 34% last year, which amounts to 1 million prints! Alfa's customers appreciate the sustainable outlook on service. Do you want to know more about how Alfa uses the digital signature and thus creates a sustainable world for customers and employees? Then read this customer case.

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