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How Artificial Intelligence improves your productivity and safety

In the modern workplace, the focus is on personal productivity, team productivity and safety. In my previous blog, I wrote about increasing productivity in Office 365 by making use of Artificial Intelligence. I described how Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel assist you in your daily work. Office 365 offers even more possibilities in terms of productivity and safety. In this blog I explain how Microsoft applies Artificial Intelligence in the tools My Analytics, Workplace Analytics, Security and Stream and how you can take advantage of this.
Eelco Bastiaans

My Analytics: spend your time more efficiently

My Analytics is a tool in which Artificial Intelligence improves personal productivity. This application provides an overview of your time spent the week before in the dashboard, such as meetings, 1-on-1 conversations and the time spent in specific apps. Every week you receive tips on how to spend your time more efficiently in the coming week and how to achieve certain tasks more effectively.

Workplace Analytics: better performance with your team

At departmental level, 'Workplace Analytics' helps with your productivity. The differences between departments are highlighted in this application. Workplace Analytics provides an aggregated view of the entire organization. For example, which departments have the most internal meetings, which employees go to customers the most and how much time departments spend in Microsoft Office. For example, in the sales department you can compare how many hours the account managers spend with customers. One account manager can spend twice as much time with customers as another account manager, but this does not automatically mean more successes. Based on these figures and the results of the sales department, the sales manager can make adjustments.


Security: securing your work with Office 365

Artificial Intelligence helps end users in your organization work more securely. The functionalities in Office 365 are designed to comply with the law with the help of such solutions as Office 365 Enterprise Mobility and Azure Information Protection.

End users, however, are not always aware of systems that provide security and precisely what secure working means. Artificial Intelligence therefore makes them aware of their unconscious unsafe behavior. For example, sending a sheet with personal information via e-mail is not secure. If an employee inserts such an attachment, a push message is sent using Artificial Intelligence, which warns the user that the attachment contains personal data and that the user is at risk. Outlook recommends an alternative way to share the file, such as SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams. Artificial Intelligence thus recognizes patterns and intervenes. In this way, employees become aware of secure working methods.

Stream: watch videos that are relevant for you

Microsoft Stream is the successor of Office 365 Video. Stream is a video service with multiple functionalities. The application recognizes faces and objects with Artificial Intelligence and analyzes them when they come into view. This works as follows; you type keywords or a sentence in the search bar and Stream flushes to the relevant parts of the video that contains this content. For example, if you type 'technology', you only see the parts of the video that are about technology. Or if you only want to see the pieces in which Nate appears, type in 'Nate' and you can view the parts of the video in which Nate speaks.


My Analytics helps NASCAR focus

Microsoft is continually innovating to improve the productivity and security of Office users. The dashboard functionality in My Analytics and Workplace Analytics keeps you informed of your personal performance and the performance of your team. The NASCAR company is a good example of this. In the video you can see how My Analytics helps employees to set priorities. The focus is on the essentials of the work, allowing the employees to work more efficiently.

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