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Corporate Identity Management Trends for 2018

The corporate identity is becoming a more and more important part of branding. The corporate identity serves as an important means to distinguish yourself from the competition. But how can you best distinguish yourself as an organization? Read on to learn about the new trends in corporate identity characteristics and corporate identity monitoring.

Illustrations and Real Photos Replace Stock Photos

Stock photos have, in the past, been given an important role to draw the attention of the viewer and convey a certain message. This year, however, the stock photos will make room for real photos and illustrations. We see more and more authentic photography. More and more organizations choose their own, professional photos. Illustrations and customized animations in the corporate identity of your organization can often convey the message even better. This gives you extra recognizability and adds a personal 'touch' to your website, letter or flyer.


The Bigger the Better, for fonts will be the slogan for 2018. We see more and more unique fonts more and more often. They can be applied to attract more attention, wherever you want. The typography, both online and offline, is becoming more playful and creative. The use of textures, shapes and the processing of text in photographs is ever increasing. The use of color variation, for example as a filter on a photograph, is the trend during 2018.

Bright colors and lots of contrast

In the past designers often opted for unobtrusive, safe internet colors (web-safe colors). Bright colors, however, are used more and more often to make an organization stand out and recognizable. In addition, we see that designs are becoming sleeker and more striking through the use of a lot of contrast in combination with two or three colors, which ensures a minimalist and eye-catching design. It’s okay to stand out!

Automate Corporate Identity Monitoring

In 2018 efficient work is a must and process improvement has become a daily activity. Also in the area of ​​corporate identity management. We are seeing more and more software tools appearing on the market that focus on automating corporate identity monitoring. This software helps the user to create documents automatically, depending on the type, in the corporate identity of the organization. This software is often used to manage the corporate identity of large organizations, but more and more SME's are starting to invest in corporate identity automation, to compete with the professional image of a multinational.

Template Management in the Cloud

To prevent your organization from having to spend many hours on administration and corporate identity monitoring, iWRITER has developed template management software. By managing templates or templates in the Cloud (central template management), corporate identity monitoring is implemented consistently throughout the organization. By means of smart building blocks and input fields, employees can easily create documents and templates in the familiar Microsoft Office environment, automatically provided with the right corporate identity characteristics.

Would you like to try out how to make corporate identity management simpler? Try the iWRITER corporate identity monitoring software.

Estelle van Kemenade

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