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Automatic Signature in Outlook

In Outlook you can automatically end all your emails with a signature. It’s basically very simple. Choose a suitable greeting and add your own name to it. Signatures for business emails generally contain more information, most often the logo and address details of an organization. But how does it actually work?
Wouter Reintjes

Create an email signature

Step 1: Start Outlook;

Step 2: Choose the Home tab and click on New Email.

Automatic signature Outlook

Step 3: Next, click on Email signature.

Automatic signature Outlook

Step 4: Then, choose the email account for which you want to create a signature.

Automatic signature Outlook

Step 5: Then click on New and give your signature a clear and concise name such as: ‘signature external’.

Step 6: You can then modify your new signature and when done, click Save.

Tip: It is now possible to select a standard signature for new messages and/or answers which will automatically be added to your future emails.

Step 7: Click on OK. From now on, your new signature appear directly each time on opening a new email.
Automatic signature Outlook

If you haven’t selected a standard signature, you can click on Signature and then select the signature you require.

Automatic signature Outlook

Corporate Email Signature

In Outlook you have the option of creating multiple email signatures. The advantage being that your signature can be customized for each target group. When the majority of your emails are sent to external parties, then you can create an email signature specifically for external correspondence and mark it as the standard signature. To create a professional signature you can add the following:

  • Name and surname
  • Title of your function
  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Phone number
  • Skype name
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Address details or directions

We recommend you put all the important information in your email signature making especially sure that it is relevant. Most often, when sending emails to external parties, more information required and therefore important than for internal emails. A good signature is not too long, but contains enough information to ensure the recipient can reach you straight away if they have any questions.

Professional Email Signatures

Professionalism and uniformity play a major role in corporate signatures. It is crucial, when creating a professional signature, that all emails, sent by all employees, by all departments, have a uniform corporate quality. You can make sure this happens by arranging for central management of email signatures. If this isn’t in place, then one employee might make a spelling mistake in the website address, another employee may use old address data in the signature, and a third person may use a(too) low quality logos so that the emails look unprofessional.

To prevent errors in your business communication, use iWRITER 365. iWRITER offers you the opportunity to centrally manage email signatures in Outlook so that all signatures comply with the corporate identity and that changes can easily be implemented throughout the entire organization from a central point. In addition, iWRITER offers employees the option to add standard building blocks to an email at the touch of a button, such as directions or appointment confirmation. This enables you to guarantee the quality of the content as well as the corporate identity and your employees can benefit from efficient communication.

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