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An Outlook template saves you time

Most companies have replaced stationery for the digital version: email by now. This gives the message, but also the overall customer communication, a different appearance and a different value. Changing from sending a letter to an easy-to-send email therefore requires more attention for the look and feel of your digital post.

Where in the past every organization printed standardized letters on their own stationery, we can now provide an email with the correct layout, route directions or a signature, at the touch of a button. This is really easy to do by means of an email template or email template in Outlook. 

Professional and consistent customer communication

Email templates in Outlook help your company to ensure the consistency and professionalism of your customer communications. Establishing a well thought-out, unambiguous corporate identity in email templates in Outlook ensures a stronger credibility and quality awareness among customers. In addition, the use of an Outlook template or template reduces the chance, for example, of incorrect customer data by linking data from, Microsoft Office 365 Contacts or other contact databases. 

Besides the fact that standardization contributes to consistency through Outlook templates, it will also increase efficiency. Where previously letterhead contained the logo and company style of a company, an email template provides this standard layout. This prevents you from continuously having to spend a lot of time to correctly insert standard texts, the logo, directions or a digital signature. By recording the layout and content of your emails you can therefore save a lot of time. 

Saving time with templates

Because you can use an email template infinitely often, it can save you a lot of time. Also not unimportant is the consequence of this repetition. Thanks to the repeated use and the unique style and layout of the emails, the recognisability for customers and relations increases and you build trust faster.

Email signature in Outlook

Where the digital or electronic signature is often referred to as a digital replacement for the handwritten signature, the digital signature can also refer to an email signature in Outlook. The function of this signature is to be a recognizable ending or signing of all digital communication. The recognizability of the signature can play an important role in profiling your Corporate Identity (company image). A uniform signature for all departments and branches of your organization ensures a professional and recognizable signature. In order to use these benefits effectively, you can incorporate the unique corporate identity of your organization into the signature by font, titles and logos. 

You can record these signatures using Office 365 signature management for personalized emails and email templates in Outlook so that your standardized communication always contains the correct signature. 

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Applications for Outlook templates

To maintain efficient, consistent and above all professional client communication, Outlook templates and email signatures are indispensable. However, many companies often experience problems when creating and managing the templates. That is why iWRITER offers the solution to easily create and manage all your templates and email signatures in Outlook with your own unique corporate identity. 

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