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Consistency in corporate identity is of key importance for every organization. It shows that you are well organized and gives you a platform to present yourself to the world. A consistent corporate identity communicates a clear, unambiguous message that builds confidence. For multinationals that are spread out all over the world, fragmented into divisions and countless departments, it is not easy to roll out a uniform corporate identity across the organization. Besides, it is difficult to consistently maintain collectively over a longer period of time. Fragmentation soon ensues, especially if you use tools that are not user-friendly. Fortunately, there is iWRITER, a tool developed based on the following: ease of use, consistent, steady, always ready for use in Office 365 and easy to manage. Identity profiling at Marketing 4.0 level.

Corporate identity tool for multinational TenCate

Multinational textile and material technology group Royal Ten Cate, develops and produces advanced solutions for the protection of people and their environment. TenCate combines textile technologies with chemical processes to develop functional fabrics and high-tech materials. With approximately 3,500 employees and a turnover of around 1 billion euros, TenCate is one of the largest players in the worldwide niche markets for technical textiles.

Roel Durlinger, CIO bij TenCate: "After making the switch to Office 365, this and our strategy for clear-cut international branding, created a need for a software tool that facilitated central template management and corporate identity monitoring." Head of Corporate Communications, Jaap de Carpentier Wolf, was in the lead in this organizational change project and was responsible for the corporate communication strategy. Jaap: "The gaps between the desired identity of management, the actual identity among the employees and the physical identity of their everyday forms of expression are often enormous. Especially because with 3,500 different personal identities – namely our employees – we had to give that physical identity the right form and content. From email signatures to PowerPoint presentations. From the content and layout of texts to communication with customers. It all had to be consistent across the board!'

"The internal and external monitoring of the collective corporate identity of a large, multinational organization with many divisions and with many employees –each with their own forms of expression – is a daily challenge." - Jaap de Carpentier Wolf

Corporate communications

Multinational TenCate is divided into six divisions worldwide, each with its own marketing strategy. The corporate communication strategy monitors the short-term collective image as well as the long-term collective reputation of the company. Jaap: 'In terms of communication, it used to be quite fragmented and messy. Fifteen years ago, the 30 production and office locations of TenCate each had their own corporate identity with address details, telephone numbers, VAT and bank account numbers, but also own websites and many other forms of communication. There was no centrally regulated branding at that time.'

In 2006, TenCate had consolidated its branding process. The goal was to transform corporate identity monitoring into collective corporate communications by the divisions themselves. Employees were starting to understand that it not only offered great visual value, but also improved recognition and built trust with existing and potential customers. It was decided to present the organization as a global player - as a multinational with a single corporate identity. In order to achieve this, TenCate had developed software to manage and use corporate identity templates. However dissatisfaction with this system grew: "The old system had become inefficient. Too cumbersome with poor and limited accessibility. It became outdated. As a result, support for this system slowly but surely crumbled.'

Switching to Office 365

In 2014 TenCate switched to the cloud and with that to Microsoft Office 365. Jaap: "It was the perfect moment to determine how we could roll out and manage our corporate communications on a higher level using a solution that worked seamlessly with Office 365. We also made the transition from corporate communication to corporate marketing. The holistic approach, so to speak. Clarity was the guiding principle in this. When considering the new tool, ease of use was the most important condition. If a program is not user friendly (or intuitive), people will look for alternatives. The tool must also be logical and work automatically. The former system was not fully integrated in the old Office environment, you actually had to open the program containing the tool. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for people, so that they could use it automatically. Brand enforcement was from then on a fact!’

New solution for template management

During the short search for a new solution for modern template management, an outstanding user experience was paramount. Roel: "Software has to be completely intuitive and offer a pragmatic solution. The new product should not only be an improvement, but also be a modern experience and fully fit within the Microsoft ecosystem.’

For TenCate it was important that the new system is modern and innovative. Jaap: ''As corporate service providers, we are responsible for facilitating and connecting the marketing and corporate communications of the divisions worldwide. This aim transcends all others and the tools must be well tuned. This is how we were able to achieve a consistent and constant brand experience across everything and everyone. Worldwide.'

"For every future-oriented, high-tech company, it is important to stay ahead and have a professional appearance, inside and out." - Jaap de Carpentier Wolf


TenCate almost immediately found iWRITER. In consultation with colleagues from the Corporate marketing and Corporate IT departments, we examined the possibilities. "IWRITER has proved to be the perfect replacement. iWRITER is modern and fits perfectly in our Office 365 suite''. After a professional presentation and demonstration of the product, the team was convinced. Jaap: ''Immediately we knew: this is a good product and it will help us.'' Roel adds: "That iWRITER had won the Best User Interface Award during the Microsoft Office App Awards, also played a major role in the choice of a tool. "The fact that iWRITER won this award indicates that it must be user-friendly. This was the deciding factor to start a Proof of Concept (POC)." 

After a proof of concept with iWRITER – during which the product was tested by various international colleagues and departments - TenCate quickly decided to roll out iWRITER to everyone in the organization. Jaap: '' iWRITER is an excellent product, it’s accessible and well-organized. It fits well within Microsoft Office 365 and is functional and easy to use. It helps to profile the visual identity and allows you to establish multiple identities very easily. It could easily be used for all six divisions and other subsidiaries''. Roel adds: "I particularly appreciate the ease of use, everyone within each layer of the organization can work with this system. In addition, when it comes to iWRITER you are assured of the latest and best technology and perfect integration with Microsoft Office 365.''

Working with iWRITER

Working with iWRITER is as smooth as the product itself. Roel: "The follow-up and implementation are immediate and fast. iWRITER has a strong customer focus. During the process, you are continuously validated that you made the right decision. As a service provider, it is much easier, if you think from the perspective of the customer, think about the customer and think for the customer. Then everything automatically succeeds. I recommend iWRITER without reservation as a professional solution!''

"The complete implementation process was a positive experience. The way in which project management was carried out and how our load was lightened as a result, was outstanding." - Roel Durlinger

E-book: How do you build a strong corporate brand?

The consistent, consequential and constant implementation of your corporate brand is the key to success. How do you control your corporate identity on a global scale?

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