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Stay in control of your brand identity. Easily design and share Word templates, PowerPoint presentations, e-mails and Excel templates in Office 365. Using the latest company standards and brand policies.

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Template management

Design templates in a userfriendly way

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Your work isn’t always easy. We understand the day to day challenges you face. We help you create order in an insurmountable chaos. With our solution you can easily open a new project in design mode. You can then design templates, signatures and building blocks that can be used by all your employees worldwide. With the user-friendly interface you can provide a complete suite of documents that are cloud-based and web accessible. Templates you’ve already made can be easily edited.

Quickly create and share documents and presentations

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We give you the tools that enable you to focus on what you are good at. You can create brand consistent documents, quotes or presentations in a flash. Users can access the iWRITER add-in by opening Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s easy to use the smart web-based text blocks and visuals. Insert the right content, data and pictures in just one minute. Save, share and collaborate with co-workers in the same documents in Office 365. Easy to manage document versions.

Integrate customer and product data

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We understand your performance and security challenges. When it comes to integration with databases, you can count on us. iWRITER 365 seamlessly integrates with Office 365. It communicates with CRM, ERP, DAM-systems or other databases to unlock customer data or product data. You can customize the context of the user login. The context of the user determines which branding, text and stored information such as phone numbers, will be applied.

Control and sign documents

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Do you want to improve document compliance? We understand that compliancy matters. The user can digitally encrypt documents and add certificates or digital signatures. You have full control of approval methods and user rights. From now on you'll only send 100% secure documents. We let you excel. In your day-to-day activities and when it gets tough.

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Roel Durlinger TenCate Case
"iWRITER is an excellent product, it’s accessible and well-organized. It fits well within Microsoft Office 365 and is functional and easy to use. It helps to profile the visual identity and allows you to establish multiple identities very easily". Roel Durlinger, CIO at Royal Ten Cate.
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Multinational textile and material technology group Royal Ten Cate uses iWRITER for 3500 employees worldwide and has achieved more consistency in the collective corporate identity.

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